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Confirmations of Aboriginality

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Confirmations of Aboriginality

The Illawarra Aboriginal Confirmation is the sole provider of Confirmations of Aboriginality in the Illawarra region. A Confirmation of Aboriginality can be a requirement for Aboriginal employment, access to certain Aboriginal specific services, access to Aboriginal housing or to obtain loans through Indigenous Business Australia.


Types of Confirmation

There are three basic types of confirmation that serve different purposes.

Eligibility for a Confirmation of Aboriginality

We have three criteria in assessing your application for a Confirmation of Aboriginality. If you do not meet our criteria it does not mean that you are not Aboriginal – it simply means that we are unable to attest to your Aboriginality so please do not be offended if you are unsuccessful in obtaining a Confirmation of Aboriginality from the IAC. Our three requirements are that:

  • You are of Aboriginal descent and;
  • You identify as an Aboriginal person; and
  • You are known to the Board of the Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation

If your family heritage is from a different location we may suggest that you seek Confirmation from the relevant organisation in that area. If you have evidence of birth certificates etc that show Aboriginal heritage we may still not be able to provide confirmation if you are not known as Aboriginal within the Illawarra community.

Obtaining a Confirmation of Aboriginality

The process for obtaining a Confirmation of Aboriginality is dependent on the type of confirmation sought and how well you and your family are known within the Illawarra community.

If you are well known as Aboriginal in the community and are seeking a general confirmation we can provide these in a short time frame where 3 current directors can attest to your heritage.

If you are not as well known in the community or if you are seeking a Housing NSW or IBA Loan confirmation your application will go to a meeting of the Board of the Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation which take place on the first Wednesday of each month. We will notify you soon after on whether your application was successful or not and if necessary, the reason that your application was not successful.

Validating a Confirmation

Employers, service providers and other relevant parties can validate IAC Confirmations of Aboriginality by checking that they:

  • are signed by three directors of the IAC
  • are stamped with the Common Seal of the IAC
  • include a sequential reference number

Agencies are encouraged to contact the IAC on 4228 1585 to confirm the details of a Confirmation of Aboriginality.

Understanding Confirmations of Aboriginality

Many Aboriginal people are offended that they are required to obtain Confirmations of Aboriginality in order to obtain specific services. We understand that this is the case and seek to make the process as respectful and simple as possible and to explain that it is a necessary document to ensure that allocated Aboriginal services are for Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal people are not the beneficiaries of special entitlements but rather they are people who, through no fault of their own, find it difficult to obtain mainstream accommodation, employment or other services that most people take for granted. Aboriginal specific services are an attempt to redress this imbalance so that Aboriginal people can have the same entitlements and prospects as other Australians.

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