About Us

The Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation (IAC) is an Aboriginal community-controlled, not-for-profit organisation that is committed to meeting the social, cultural, and economic needs of Aboriginal people in the Illawarra.

Based in Wollongong and working across the region, we are driven to achieve excellence in providing advocacy and culturally appropriate services to meet the needs of the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Our Story

The IAC was incorporated in 1980 as a small community-led organisation working towards increasing the rights and improving the lives of the local Aboriginal people in the Illawarra. Much of the IAC’s activities began earlier from a house situated on 22 Kenny Street, which has since developed into our Cultural Centre and Keeping Place.

We pay respect to the community members, Elders, and supporting organisations who fought hard to establish the corporation, ensuring that a real difference could be made for our mob. It is due to the hard work, determination, and resilience of our founding members and community, that our corporation can continue to support the Aboriginal community today.

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Vision & Values

Our vision is to live in a just, unified, and caring society, where Aboriginal people have equal and strong cultural opportunities and are recognised and respected as the first peoples of this land.

Our values:

  • Dedicated and committed to the vision of the organisation
  • Honouring and supporting our traditions and culture
  • Excellence in all aspects of our services
  • Transparency in our relationships
  • Achievement through hard work, consultation, and innovation

Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisation

The IAC is, and always has been, an Aboriginal community controlled not-for-profit organisation. Our purpose is to serve the Aboriginal people in the Illawarra through culturally appropriate services, led by Aboriginal people and staff members.

Through our service streams and support programs, we aim to empower Aboriginal people to be proud and successful across all aspects of their lives.

Board of Directors and CEO

Current board members:

  • Richard Davis (Chairperson)
  • Chryne Griffiths (Treasurer)
  • Aunty Barbara Andy (Director)
  • Aunty Dawn Bell (Director)
  • Uncle James “Jimmy” Carlson (Secretary)
  • Carley McCracken (Director)
  • Aunty Rena Moran (Director)
  • Aunty Mary Murray (Director)
  • Aunty Rhonda Rawiri (Director)
  • Aunty Patricia Roberts (Director)

CEO: William Henry

Official Artwork

Kanisha Storer and Zhali West, two local artists from the Illawarra, won our competition to develop an official artwork for the IAC.

This artwork shows our journey over the years as we continue our support of the Aboriginal community in the Illawarra, as well as highlighting the key programs we offer.
IAC Official Artwork

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