Official Artwork

The official IAC Artwork represents our organisation as a whole, interconnected by different elements, programs, people, and community. These elements work together towards a common goal: to improve the lives of Aboriginal people in the Illawarra region.

The Artwork is painted by two local Aboriginal artists, Kanisha Storer and Zhali West, who won our Artwork competition in 2018. The digital version of the artwork is produced by Charmaine Mumbulla, from Mumbulla Creative.
IAC Official Artwork

This icon represents the original house on Kenny Street in Wollongong, where a large part of the IAC first began.

Elder Yarning Circle: representing our Aged Care and Disability services for local Aboriginal Community.

The centre of the artwork represents the Cultural Centre and Keeping Place which has developed from the original house in Kenny Street. Culture is central to all aspects of the IAC.

These tracks on the ground represent IAC’s Housing and Homelessness program which support community on their journey to more stable living arrangements.

Children sitting circle, representing Myimbarr, our family and youth support services including our Permanency Support Program.

Representing babies and children, for IAC’s Noogaleek Children’s Centre and Winninggay Preschool.

Dreamtime tracks, showing the Illawarra Aboriginal community on their path to employment and wellbeing with support from our Warrigal Employment team.

This element is symbolic of all the women in our community.

This element is symbolic of all the men in our community.

The bright yellow sun is for the pride and happiness that has guided our community members and Elders – both past and present – to fight for Aboriginal people in the region.

The blue dots underneath the sun represent our coastal surroundings and environment

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