Warrigal Employment

Supporting and guiding Aboriginal people on their journey to employment and wellbeing.

Employment Opportunities

Current Jobs Board

Warrigal Employment aim to increase the participation of Aboriginal people in the labour market by identifying, creating and supporting opportunities for sustainable employment. The Warrigal Employment team are actively supporting our employer partners to place Aboriginal people in following job opportunities.

Recruitment Events & Training Opportunities

Upskilling & Training Opportunities

Image of Traffic Controller participants in training sessionWarrigal Employment provides support, guidance, and assistance for training and upskilling to
improve the employment outcomes of the local Aboriginal community. If you are interested in learning more about upcoming training opportunities register your interest.

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Industry Specific Recruitment Days

Image of information recruitment day with BlueScope SteelWarrigal Employment works with our industry partners to provide recruitment days for Aboriginal people in the Illawarra. These events offer insight and opportunities into specific industries or companies.

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Introduction to Ecology (8 week course)

Photo of plant in human hands
Warrigal Employment are taking expression of interest for people interested in learning about Native Plants and Eco-Systems. The course runs every Monday for 8 weeks.

DATE: Monday 20th July 2020 to 7th September 2020
Time: 9:00am – 1:30pm
Location: 1 Bakers Lane Windang

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New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP)

Warrigal Staff

The NCAP program aims to increase the participation of Aboriginal people in the labour market by identifying, creating, and supporting opportunities for sustainable education, training, and employment.

Our NCAP officers can help you through a range of services, including:

  • establishing contacts with relevant Government agencies to ensure access to all available services for education, training, and employment
  • providing interpersonal services such as advice, career planning, resume writing, assistance in job application writing, and job interview preparation and coaching
  • referring and facilitating training opportunities and supporting education pathways
  • job referral and networking, follow-up support, and mentoring


Sustainable Jobs (JLEP)

Warrigal Staff With IndustryPartner

The Sustainable Jobs (JLEP) program is an employer demand-driven model to assist in the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal people into sustainable employment.

We can assist our clients in training, job placement, resume writing, maintaining employment and more.

Warrigal Employment also:

  • Provide culturally appropriate specialist services to Aboriginal jobseekers
  • Encourage and help employers to provide sustainable employment opportunities for our clients
  • Support communities, industry bodies and groups of employers to develop strategies that support local and regional economic growth
  • Encourage and assist Aboriginal people to take up training and employment opportunities, stay in jobs, and improve their future employment prospects
  • Provide cultural support to mainstream employment service providers working with clients

Koori Strong

Koori Strong 26.04

Warrigal Employment’s Koori Strong program provides support for young people (16-24) who are at risk of, or have had, experience with the judicial system. The program helps to build on community connections and culture, creating a more stable environment for young Aboriginal people.

The overall outcome of Koori Strong is to ensure young Aboriginal people enjoy similar levels of physical, emotional, and social wellbeing as those enjoyed by other Australians.

We take a holistic approach, understanding the challenges and barriers facing young Aboriginal people, and aim to support and assist community members to access employment, housing and other services that may be hindered from involvement in the justice system.


Ability Links

Warrigal Employment Ability Links

Our Ability Linkers work closely with people with disability, their families and carers to support them in their goals, hopes, and dreams.

Providers are the organisations that offer services to people with disability and the community. Linkers work for these Providers. Whether your goal is to take part in sport, education, volunteering, or other activities, you remain at the centre of decision making about how you want to lead your life. Linkers have strong local knowledge and work alongside communities, supporting them to be welcoming and inclusive.

Linkers can help you to find ways to be a part of your local community, set goals and plan your future, build confidence to achieve your dreams, and develop your existing support networks and create new networks.

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