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Supporting and guiding Aboriginal people on their journey to employment and wellbeing.

Employment Opportunities

Current Jobs Board

Warrigal Employment aim to increase the participation of Aboriginal people in the labour market by identifying, creating and supporting opportunities for sustainable employment. The Warrigal Employment team are actively supporting our employer partners to place Aboriginal people in following job opportunities.

Recruitment Events & Training Opportunities

Upskilling & Training Opportunities

Warrigal Employment provides support, guidance, and assistance for training and upskilling to
improve the employment outcomes of the local Aboriginal community. If you are interested in learning more about upcoming training opportunities – Register your interest.

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Industry Specific Recruitment Days

Warrigal Employment works with industry partners to provide industry recruitment information days for Aboriginal people in the Illawarra. These events offer insight and opportunities of jobs and recruitment processes into specific organisations, and provide organisations an opportunity to connect with Aboriginal job seekers. If you are an employer and would like to host an Information Recruitment day – Enquire now

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Warrigal Staff

Barranggirra provides end to end support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners through culturally appropriate mentoring to ensure successful retention and completion of training and improved post-training employment outcomes.
Barranggirra achieves the following objectives for Aboriginal people:

• Increased access, retention and completion of vocational education and training.
• Aspiration and expectation of career pathways.
• Improved post-training outcomes.
• Increased placement in meaningful and sustainable employment.
• Greater confidence in making decisions that maximise training and employment experiences and outcomes.
• Greater opportunity for Aboriginal business ownership and economic independence.

Warrigal Employment through the Barranggirra program covers the areas of the Illawarra, South East and Riverina. Please give Brendon a call to chat about the program and how you can work together to get more completions for Indigenous Apprentices, Trainees and SBATs.


Sustainable Jobs

The Sustainable Jobs program is an employer demand-driven model to assist in the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal people into sustainable employment.

We can assist our clients in training, job placement, resume writing, maintaining employment and more.

Warrigal Employment also:

  • Provide culturally appropriate specialist services to Aboriginal jobseekers
  • Encourage and help employers to provide sustainable employment opportunities for our clients
  • Support communities, industry bodies and groups of employers to develop strategies that support local and regional economic growth
  • Encourage and assist Aboriginal people to take up training and employment opportunities, stay in jobs, and improve their future employment prospects
  • Provide cultural support to mainstream employment service providers working with clients

Koori Strong

Warrigal Employment’s Koori Strong program provides support for young people (16-24) who are at risk of, or have had, experience with the judicial system. The program helps to build on community connections and culture, creating a more stable environment for young Aboriginal people.

The overall outcome of Koori Strong is to ensure young Aboriginal people enjoy similar levels of physical, emotional, and social wellbeing as those enjoyed by other Australians.

We take a holistic approach, understanding the challenges and barriers facing young Aboriginal people, and aim to support and assist community members to access employment, housing and other services that may be hindered from involvement in the justice system.


Indigenous Mentoring

Warrigal Employment offers a culturally appropriate Indigenous Mentoring Program to support and build self-esteem and confidence for future career success of Aboriginal jobseekers of JobActive, DES, TTW and other service providers, including Employers.

The Indigenous Mentoring program is an effective program for individuals to establish a trusting cultural relationship for the guidance required to achieve employment, training and educational goals and retention of employment. We strive to reduce social, cultural and economic barriers and strengthen the capabilities to empower future career success.

  • ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING: Confidential and culturally safe mentoring to break down barriers to employment opportunities.
  • GROUP MENTORING: Culturally safe yarns to engage participants to share their own personal experiences to influence positive change, build a social network and resilience.
  • SERVICES MENTORING: Professional Development to create an inspiring vision for the future employment of Aboriginal peoples. These workshops are tailored to suit learning and knowledge requirements.

Fees apply.  Please contact the Manager to request a business proposal.

Driver Licence Access Program

Wade In Car

A culturally supportive program to remove barrier that prevent Aboriginal people from obtaining an New South Wales Drivers Licence and offer on-road driving experiences. We strive to educate safe and legal driving and improve social outcomes by expanding support and mentoring to lead to employment.

  • Achieving a Learners Licence: Access assistance to prepare and apply for a NSW Learners Drivers Licence including obtaining the correct identification documents.
  • On-Road Driving Experience: Learner driver mentoring includes supervised driving hours with access to a vehicle for driving practice.
  • Achieving a Provisional Licence: Access assistance to obtain your provisional drivers licence including an employment pathway.
  • Regaining your NSW Driver Licence: Case by case support including referral to legal and court supportive services to obtain your NSW driver licence.
  • Road Safety Workshops: Road safety and licensing education workshops run regularly to learn and understanding NSW road rules.

Please contact the Warrigal Employment office to express interest in the driver program. A waitlist applies to access this services under this program.

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Enquire about: Subject