Cultural Centre & Services

Our Cultural Centre and Keeping Place has developed from a small house, where the IAC first began, into a key cultural hub and meeting place. We offer cultural services, such as Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremonies, as well as emergency relief, Confirmations of Aboriginality and more.

Welcome and Acknowledgement to Country

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Welcome to Country is an important and ancient tradition of Aboriginal peoples. It is an invitation on to country by the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land and has been a practice of Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

The Cultural Centre can provide Welcome to Country by local Traditional Owners and Elders in the region. We can also provide Acknowledgements to Country by Aboriginal community members.

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Confirmations of Aboriginality

Outside of the Cultural Centre

The IAC is authorised to issue Confirmations of Aboriginality. This may be a requirement for community members to access certain Aboriginal specific services such as Indigenous housing and employment.

We have three criteria in assessing your application for a Confirmation of Aboriginality. If you do not meet our criteria it does not mean that you are not Aboriginal – it simply means that we are unable to attest to your Aboriginality so please do not be offended if you are unsuccessful in obtaining a Confirmation of Aboriginality from the IAC. Our requirements are that:

  • You are of Aboriginal descent;
  • You identify as an Aboriginal person;
  • You can demonstrate your participation in the Illawarra Aboriginal Community and are known by the Board of the Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation

If your family heritage is from a different location we may suggest that you seek a Confirmation from the relevant organisation in that area. If you have evidence of birth certificates etc. that show Aboriginal heritage we may still not be able to provide confirmation if you are not known as Aboriginal within the Illawarra community.

Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief IAC

The IAC can help Aboriginal people address immediate basic needs in times of crisis. Emergency relief can act as a safety net for people experiencing financial distress or hardship.

Our Emergency Relief program provides financial assistance to local Aboriginal clients that need help with funds for food, electricity or gas.

If you think you need assistance, please call to enquire further.

There are limited funds available and eligiblity requirements for this service.

Call today – 02 4228 1585

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