Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation


Supporting local Indigenous families to have stable tenancies and well maintained properties


The Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation owns and manages around 40 houses for Indigenous tenants. We work closely with the Aboriginal Housing Office, Housing NSW and Ray White Real Estate to ensure that our tenants are well looked after.


We strive to be open, honest and consistent with our clients and staff and invite anyone to view and comment on our Housing policies which are regularly reviewed and updated. You can view our draft Housing policies here:



Our Objectives are to:

  • provide stable, suitable accommodation for Aboriginal families
  • provide a culturally appropriate service for Aboriginal tenants
  • break down the barriers to Aboriginal tenancy of mainstream accommodation
  • ensure that Aboriginal people have access to affordable housing
  • grow our Housing program so that we can provide services to a larger number of Aboriginal people
  • work with the Aboriginal Housing Office to build our capacity to expand our housing program


Client Eligibility

  • Aboriginal
  • Must not already be in social housing
  • Must live in the local area
  • Household income must be below the relevant limits at the time of application


Applying for Housing

Your first step is to contact the Housing Coordinator (4211 0601) to enquire about eligibility and available properties in the program. If you believe that you meet the eligibility requirements and we do not have available places we will arrange an interview with you to add you to our waiting list. We will also recommend other housing providers.

If you believe that you meet the eligibility requirements and we have available properties, we will arrange an interview with you to assess and record your eligibility.

The Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation maintains a Housing Waiting List for Aboriginal clients that meet and continue to meet the eligibility requirements. Due to the high demand and limited stock of housing, it may take some time for suitable accommodation to become available.

When an IAC property becomes available, the Board of the IAC will review the Housing Waiting List and consider other factors such as Succession of Tenancy, the condition of the property and the relevant target group before making any decisions on the tenancy of the property.

Clients on the Housing Waiting List need to be aware that the Board of the IAC does not simply appoint tenancies on a first come first served basis, however, all appointments that take into account matters such as target groups and succession will be offered to the first applicant on the list that meets the eligibility criteria and fits within the relevant target group.

The IAC can have vacant properties as a result of new housing becoming available, tenants moving out, the death of a tenant or other causes. When a property becomes available, the Housing Sub Committee and the Board of the IAC will endeavour to fill this placement quickly from the applicants on the Housing Waiting List. The Sub Committee and Board will take account of all available information including issues of succession, priority housing needs and target groups.

The Future

The Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation is one of nine NSW housing organisations to be the first registered with the Aboriginal Housing Office under the Provider Assessment Registration System (PARS). We anticipate that there will be major update to our policies, our rent setting and our repairs and maintenance programs and will provide regular updates on this website.

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