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Helping the local Aboriginal community to find and maintain employment

Warrigal Employment

Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation’s (IAC) Warrigal Employment provides support, guidance, and assistance to both job seekers and employers to improve the employment outcomes and support the wellbeing of the local Aboriginal community.

Through the New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP), Sustainable Jobs (JLEP), Koori Strong, and Ability Links programs, IAC’s employment team ensure there is a holistic, wellbeing focused, and culturally appropriate approach to employment outcomes for the Aboriginal community.

Our Objectives are to:

  • ‘Close the Gap’ between the rates of Indigenous and non Indigenous Employment
  • Help Indigenous people to access suitable employment and training opportunities
  • Support Indigenous people to meet their needs and to achieve their aspirations
  • Provide Culturally appropriate services to service the needs of the Local Indigenous Community

Support Us

If your organisation is keen to support the employment of Indigenous people we would love to hear from you and to involve you in the Indigenous Employment Program. This is a great opportunity for your organisation to make a positive impact on ‘Closing the Gap’ between Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians.

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