Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation

Indigenous Community Links

Helping the local Indigenous community to access services

Indigenous Community Links

Our Indigenous Community Links (ICL) program is based in Warilla and aims to help and support Indigenous people to have improved access to service providers. ICL staff provide advice, assistance and advocacy and offer clients free internet access.

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Our Objectives are to:

  • provide lasting social, health and financial improvements for Indigenous people through supported referrals and advocacy
  • assess the requirements of local Indigenous people and connect them with relevant service providers such as legal, health, employment and housing
  • support Indigenous people to access services and inform them about the services that are available to them
  • empower Indigenous people to develop the necessary skills to access services on their own
  • develop and maintain partnerships with local service providers to establish pathways for Indigenous people
  • advocate for Indigenous people when dealing with service providers
  • provide free internet access to Indigenous people

Our Partnerships

The Indigenous Community Links team have formed networks and alliances with a great number of service providers so that they can assist Indigenous people to understand their options and to support them in accessing services. Some of our partnerships include:

  • Health care, doctors, Aged Care, Mental health, Nutrition and Counselling
  • Child care, preschool, pregnancy and parenting
  • Court support, legal advice and drug and alcohol referral
  • Education, training, literacy, numeracy and computer skills
  • Jobs, training, income support and job readiness
  • Housing, rental assistance, tenancy and maintenance

Your Privacy

The ICL program can help you to access a wide range of services but we do not maintain client files or provide other service organisations with client information without your consent. The ICL program does not provide case management services.

Getting Started

Your first step is to contact the ICL Team to make an appointment to visit us at 20 Lake Entrance Road, Warilla. The house is open from Tuesday to Thursday 8:30am to 4:30pm and is open Monday and Friday by appointment only. Call Warrigal Employment if the house is unattended


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