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Caring for our youngest generation and teaching them about their culture

Childcare Services

The IAC operates a Long Day Care centre (Noogaleek Children’s Centre) and an adjoining PreSchool (Winnanggay PreSchool) at Berkeley, a southern suburb of Wollongong.

Noogaleek Children’s Centre commenced operations in 1989 and has provided quality child care to generations of Aboriginal and non Aboriginal families in the Illawarra. Noogaleek is open for 8 hours per day for 48 weeks of the year and caters to children from 0 to 6 years of age. Noogaleek is a Multifunctional Aboriginal Children’s Service (MACS) that works with other agencies to provide Indigenous health screening (such as Otitis Media) and support services in addition to ‘normal’ child care.

Winnanggay PreSchool commenced operations in 2002 and is open for 8 hours per day over the normal school terms (40 weeks). Winnanggay caters for children from 3 to 6 years of age.


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Noogaleek or Winnanggay?

Both of our centres provide a culturally rich and appropriate experience for Aboriginal and non Aboriginal children and both have fully qualified teachers and staff. However there are some differences:



Weeks of Operation 48 43 (school terms + first week of each term holiday)
Hours of Operation 8:00am to 4:30pm 8:30am to 3:30pm
Age Group 0-6 3-6
M/Tea, Lunch & A/Tea Provided Supplied by Parents
Bus Pickup & Dropoff Provided None
Waiting list time 0-2 very long, 3-6 medium 3-6 short at start of year
Number of children 39 (4 for 0-2yrs, 10 for 2-3 yrs and 25 for 3-6yrs) 20

We encourage local families with 3 to 6 year olds and especially families with 3 to 6 year olds that have their own transport to attend Winnanggay PreSchool. The waiting list for Winnanggay Preschool is usually shorter than for Noogaleek Children’s Centre.

Visiting the Schools

You are most welcome to contact the Coordinator on 4271 8468 to arrange a visit to one or both of our schools before you decide whether to enrol your child. Our teachers can explain our educational programs and our cultural activities and show you how we can build your child’s social and educational skills.

Getting on the Waiting List

You can download the Waiting List Application form and bring or send it in to Noogaleek but we encourage you to contact the Coordinator first on 4271 8468 to find out about current waiting list terms, priority of access, bus availability and the like.

Enrolling your Child

You can download the Enrolment form for Noogaleek or Winnanggay if you have been allocated a position and prefill much of the information however we will conduct an orientation process with you and your child to go over the enrolment form, the parent handbook and class programs; and to give time for you and your child to interact with the staff and other children before they start their first day.

  • Enrolment Form (Call Us)


Our Fees

Please contact the centre Coordinator


Priority of Access

Noogaleek and Winnanggay were set up to cater to the cultural needs of Aboriginal families in the Illawarra. We do cater to both Indigenous and non Indigenous families however we only provide a bus service to Aboriginal children of Noogaleek and we give priority of access to children of Aboriginal parents. The Coordinator of our service can explain priority of access in more detail if required.

Parents and Caregivers of Current Students

We aim to provide your children with the highest quality of child care and to provide you with regular and current information on the progress of your child. Our Teachers are always available to discuss any concerns that you have or any input that you can provide to your child’s development.

Our Staff

Our staff are all fully trained and qualified in child care with each staff member having a University Degree, TAFE Diploma or TAFE Certificate as required. Most of our staff have been with the Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation for many years and are dedicated to providing quality care to the children of our community.

The Future

Noogaleek Children’s Centre and Winnanggay PreSchool are active participants in State and Federal Government initiatives to improve the quality of child care services. We are bringing our schools in line with the National Quality Framework (NQF), the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the new National Child care regulations. This is an exciting and extremely busy time for all of the staff at Noogaleek and Winnanggay as we strive to build on our already high quality of service.

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